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About The Studio:

       The Golden Fish Art and Play Studio was inspired by my love of creativity in all it's forms!  There are creative people everywhere.  That's what people do--we create.  If we aren't creating something artistic, we're  creating meals, or gardens, or computer programs. We create businesses, and houses, and cars.  Some of us even have a good time creating play spaces for small children. (That would be me...)

       Having taught art in the public schools before my children were born, and having been a stay at home mother here in Fluvanna, I saw the need for a place  where both parent and child could feel welcomed and supported while indulging their creative spirits.  Thus, The Golden Fish Art & Play Studio was BORN!  Play and art making are wonderful ways to enhance the well-being of young children and their care-takers.   Our children will inherit tomorrow's earth,  so let's give them the solid foundation they need to grow strong today!


                  My Best to You and Yours,


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